You have stumbled upon the web portfolio of QuigonJim aka. James Gray, I hope You like what You find here. If You like it a lot You may want to commision some work for yourself or just drop us a line.
Whatever genre or medium You prefer I am sure that I cater for most peoples needs. Original paintings or digitally created work, I am an experienced Photoshop user and I also dabble in Painter and Illustrator and I poke about with the odd bit of Web Design occasionally.
Commisions are most welcome, whatever the subject matter, logo's, cartoon work, book covers, one off custom work. You decide!

At school, I decided that a career in the creative world was the path for me. I always enjoyed drawing and painting as a child and I seemed to do well in creative subjects. So in 1990, at Thanet College in Kent, I was lucky enough to be able to take three A-Levels: Graphic Design, Fine Art and Textile & Surface Design. While there I was taught by Mike Trim who worked on various Gerry Anderson projects and painted Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds album cover, and Russ Nicholson who spent his time illustrating the Fighting Fantasy role-play books and contributing to White Dwarf magazine.Those two in particular had a massive influence on me and I have been forever grateful ever since. From there I did a Foundation Course at kent Institute of Art & Design (KIAD) Canterbury, which lead onto Northbrook College, East Sussex, in 1994,to take an HND in Graphic Design & Illustration and from there into the big wide world!

Clients include:
Aon Insurance, Caravan Magazine, Paramount Care Homes Ltd, AccentUK Comics, Underfire Comics, Quellheart Publishing, Zel Pubs, and A La Mode Entertainment to name a few. And of course many, many private comissions for portraits, caricatures, custom leather jacket paintings, tattoo designs, nursery murals and one off design jobs for logo designs incuding stationary and headed paper, wedding invitations and brochures and what not.

Commercially: Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel and Bob Peak (movie poster artists), Roger Dean, Brian Froud, Dave McKean, Cam Kennedy, Mike McMahon, J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes and Jim Fitzpatrick to name but a few.
Historically: Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Arthur Rackham, Norman Rockwell... the list goes on.

I can also be found on the Inter-Web at: